In my studio I have a chance to explore new ideas and materials, allowing me the opportunity to draw from a huge reservoir of creativity waiting to be realized. Because each paper maché sculpture is unique, they can be enjoyed as either one-of-a-kind or as part of a small series.

Reflecting on 40 years of work, I think each of us as we pass through life, leave traces of the passage. Sometimes, the signs are as slight as a bent leaf, a twisted twig or a seed dispersed. There are times we leave behind the husks of former selves or castaway restraints. While following these trails, we grow ever more aware of our lives in connection-to our foremothers, to the elemental truths of nature, to the selves we hope to become. Woven together, we begin to see the shifting patterns of our intertwined lives. The paper maché art represents my journey, my passage.