Movement, form, and texture have been infused into these paper maché figures that Sarena loves to create from wire, paper, fabric, paste, and patience.  Each one has it's own identity and place in the world.  These whimsical, colorful, and flighty figures can hang anywhere and lighten your load as they move about with intent freedom and spirit.  In the evening they cast shadows and continue their dance.

Sarena Mann — a sculptor for more than 40 years — became known professionally for her whimsical paper maché mobiles, which formed the stable of her crafts business.  As a well-known paper maché artist, Sarena works on both figurative and abstract sculpture in the fine arts venue.  Although she has exhibited her works in arts and crafts shows throughout the country, her hope is that this online store will make her paper maché art accessible to an even wider audience.


Albuquerque Magazine article